Nigeria’s Energy Giant.

Through innovative management, consistent value creation and an enabling environment, we have evolved from a traditional downstream company to your integrated energy solutions provider.
Today, we are Nigeria’s leading indigenous oil company with investments spanning the entire energy value chain. In our pioneering commitment to Nigeria, we will continue to deepen our diversified energy platform whilst simultaneously delivering unparalleled value well into the future.

Adiku Global ltd Marketing

Nigeria’s leading oil retailer.   

Adiku Global ltd’s leadership position as Nigeria’s foremost integrated energy company is associated with our successes in the petroleum products marketing business.
As the nation’s leading oil retailer, with one in every five litres of petroleum products being sold or distributed by Adiku Global ltd via its 500 retail outlets and strategically located terminals, we have continuously ensured products supply and availability in Nigeria and West Africa.
In our bid to improve the overall efficiency of the industry and to lower product cost for the consumer, we are poised to construct the largest products terminal in sub-Saharan Africa in Lekki free zone and an offshore sub-marine pipeline delivery system in Apapa. With human capabilities backed with world-class standards, Adiku Global ltd Marketing will continue to serve Nigeria as the leading retail oil marketing company for years to come.

Adiku Global ltd Supply and Trading

Nigeria’s independent and privately owned oil trading company.

In 2008, Adiku Global ltd commences the process of consolidating its global oil supply and trading businesses to emerge as one of the sub-Saharan Africa’s largest, independent and privately-owned oil trading company. Today, Adiku Global ltd imports a significant portion of Nigeria’s petroleum product requirements.
Adiku Global ltd Supply & Trading also maintains a presence in the world’s products freight market in terms of vessels chartered on spot and time basis for the delivery of oil and oil products to various customers globally.
Our company has marshaled out ways to ensure a record of 100% delivery on all its supply contracts, in other to consolidate its existing markets, Adiku Global ltd Supply and Trading has positioned itself as the supplier of choice for products supplies in the West African sub region.

Adiku Global ltd Gas & Power

Proposed Building sub-Saharan Africa’s largest gas pipeline grid in Nigeria.

We are working with the pioneers of the private sector piping and distribution of natural gas to industrial and commercial consumers.
With 100km of pipes already laid in Lagos State, and another 124 km in progress in Akwa Ibom/Cross River States, while aggressively seeking other franchises in Nigeria and the West African sub-region, Adiku Global ltd has taken bold steps towards joining the team building sub-African’s largest gas pipeline network. In the near future, Nigerian citizens and industries will begin to enjoy for centuries, the benefits of a cheaper, cleaner and safer fuel from Adiku Global ltd’s integrated gas pipeline network.
Our power business will contribute several captive power plants to the Nigerian market this year as we position to be a major player in the Nigerian electricity industry, whilst we stand ready to actively participate in the proposed power sector liberalisation.

Adiku Global ltd Energy Services Limited

Nigeria’s foremost indigenous oilfield services company .

We made a bold entry in the oil & gas upstream services via Adiku Global ltd Energy Services – an integrated oilfield services company. In demonstration of our high level of technical capabilities, the company won competitive oilfield service contracts in excess of $150 million in Nigeria in 2009.
With the aim of being Nigeria’s largest indigenous oilfield services firm and encouraged by the renewed local content drive in Nigeria, we commenced our $500 million five-year investment plan with the acquisition of two oil drilling rigs for approximately $100 million for use in the Niger delta.
This company has also recently acquired a third oil rig to boost its drilling services.

Adiku Global ltd Exploration and Production

Building a portfolio of oil & gas properties in Nigeria.

Our audacious steps in the upstream sector were boosted with the acquisition of oil/gas oilfields by Adiku Global ltd Exploration and Production Limited during the oil bloc bidding rounds.
Adiku Global ltd is the operator of two oil blocks – OPL 278 and OPL 236. The company is also a Nigerian Content Partner with AGIP Oil on OPL 282 and has a 45% interest in a marginal field, OML 56. These fields are in different stages of development and will significantly increase Nigeria’s oil and gas reserves.
We are also currently actively seeking investments in near-term production opportunities.

Adiku Global ltd Proposed Refining

Developing a 3,000bpd capacity Greenfield refinery in Lagos State
These diversified revenues streams drive incremental earnings growth for the group and ensure that performance is not dependent on any one particular business line. With its investments and diversification into alternative energy sources, the company is fast achieving its goal of being "the leading integrated energy solutions provider".

Adiku Global ltd is a customer-focused and performance-driven company that comprises a group of companies that symbolize dynamism, integrity, service delivery and professionalism in the energy sector. From its origin in downstream petroleum products marketing, Adiku Global ltd is currently redefined its business imperative to encompass the entire energy value chain in the Oil & Gas Industry.

by 2010, Adiku Global ltd projects to be among African company to seek a cross-border inward listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The company intend to attained the status of an integrated energy solutions provider, by adding gas, international supply, trading and energy services to its present stable of offerings and is currently incubating upstream oil and power initiatives. It is envisioned that Adiku Global ltd shall become a leader in the African Energy Sector, delivering world-class services to the Continent.

The Company has grown its revenue at a compounded average of over 204% per annum since the year 2008, whilst revenue is projected to be in excess of N50 Billion  by the year 2009, despite thinning margins from the sale of its traditional products (Gasoline, and other distillates).. The company intend to be of one of the most diversified shareholder base in and around Nigeria.

Adiku Global ltd’s exemplary standards of corporate mode of operation has been commended by Nigerian and many in the Downstream Petroleum Sector



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