Adiku Global Limited Civil Engineering Works includes:- Dam construction,Project management and Process engineering design,Building and Construction,Road Designs and Construction,Electrical,Front-end Engineering for the Upstream sector, Mechanical and Instrument Technology,Drainage/Erosion Control Works’,Start-up assistance, operator training and operations manual development,Water Supply and Borehole projects,Architectural Design.Borehole Construction,Electrical Engineering, Bridges Construction,Road building and maintenance .

As a policy and in response to current economic developmental realities, the entire management of ADIKU GLOBAL LIMITED adopted wide range of objects and strategies to position the company firmly in all challenges emanating from all the sectors of our interest. Our quality control mechanism is targeted at ensuring that our clients get value for the money spent . For more on that see ADIKU GLOBAL LIMITED QUALITY CONTROL MECHANISM.

Adiku Global Limited undertakes the design of Civil Engineering infrastructures for corporate, individual or Government agencies and bodies. This is incorporated with plan designs, drawings and productions of Bills for Such projects.


Aside from designs and production of drawings: we provide evaluation, landscaping, and quantification, structures that have been characterized by strong structural development beautification and street outlays to make them more conducive and habitable by our clients

Most of our building structures that had been characterized by strong structural foundation and elaborate finishing have all along stood the test of time. We adopt most modern design and method of building structures adoptable by our climatic conditions hence our success story lasts.

Projects also like complexes and Estates are designed with all the necessary properly made available in both the design and construction. Industrial complexes and structures are carefully designed with all enabling facilities and annexes incorporated

ADIKU GLOBAL LIMITED Road Designs and Construction

Our performance in the sector speaks for itself. To achieve this, we embark on the following processes stage by stage.
Feasibility studies


  • Technical details
  • Design of water retaining structures
  • Geological survey/ soil testing
  • Topographical evaluation
  • Preparation of working drawings
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities
  • Asphalt/stone base overlays

II) TECHNICAL DETAILS: This detail involves soil, geo-physical surveys and investigation that will provide the following results.

  • Rock axis and curves
  • Rock dept and types
  • Instrumentation result
  • Road width and length
  • Culverts and drainage locations
  • Earthwork formations and borrow-pits
  • Shoulders and embankment formations

III)  Designs of water retaining structures
Water retaining structures in terms of drainage and erosion control is essential in the life span of any road. To achieve this, adequate study and design of such structures especially in water logged or loosed soil zone.

IV) Geological survey/soil testing
The study of the above helps to provide enough information for us to determine the;

  • Soil aggregate ration
  • Soil compatibility index
  • Soil water retentive capacity
  • Soil types and textures location of late rites sources

V) Topographical Evaluation   landscape survey to determine the topographical landscape is vital to enable us fashion out the levels of the road.

VI) Preparation of working drawings : As a matter of our policy, we prepare structural, working drawings in line with the results collated in the data. These drawings are revised as occasion demands according to our clients and site requirements.

VII)   Preparation of Bills of Quantities: bills of quantities are drawn and prepared based on the drawings input the bill will contain both the quantity and priced cost of the project.

VIII) ASPHALT/STONE BASE OVERLAYS: the type of road viz overlays converting-asphalt/tar choice covering determines basic construction designs. Such is predetermined by the height and width of the asphalt/stone base cover.


ADIKU GLOBAL LIMITED versatile experiences coupled with our professional team helps the company to operate successfully in the sector. Subsequently we handle the following aspects:

  • Complex and hazardous electrical installation/systems
  • Maintenance of high voltage generating sets
  • Rural and urban electrification projects
  • Maintenance of power distribution mains, networks, switchboards and controls
  • Cooling towers, industrial and room air conditioning systems steam boilers and drillers
  • Fume cupboard, gas, vacuum and gas fired boilers
  • Programmable logic controllers and graphic operator surface systems
  • Emergency shut down, fire and gas detection systems and other safety systems
  • Lift, escalators and deviators

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Fire fighting equipment, sprinklers, pest control equipment, extinguishers, safety wears, marks, eyeglasses, booths, glares, foam compounds laboratory equipment.


As a matter of importance, the company presents holistic technical and managerial details and backed up with series of assistance from our partners in this sector.
Proper control of storm drainage is critical to maintaining cap and slug integrity through out the project handling including active and in active.
The following associated regulatory requirements to this sector are.

  • Erosion control and drainage structures
  • Construction of dykes, wears and structures
  • Flood channelization and control
  • Studying and evaluation of existing structures soil tests and grading
  • Relocate portable or temporal drainage devices (such as corrugated metal piping) as filling operations change location in order to keep them running into filed zones
  • Be aware of any potential drainage problems occur
Civil Engineering Construction Service Summary

Designs and Constructions of Roads, Buildings, Corrosion Control Services, Landscaping, Beach Conservation, Drainage’s and Sewage systems, Water Supply and Construction of Dams. We also design, fabricate and construct surface Overhead Tanks, Boreholes and Mechanical.  Electrical projects includes;- Rural/Urban Electrification projects, Supply and Installation of Transformers, Generators and other electrical machines and appliances. Fill our Service order form and we will get back to you `within 24 hours

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