ADIKU GLOBAL LTD. is a firm of engineering management construction and consultancy   services, Registered with Corporate Affairs Commission. ADIKU GLOBAL LTD. offers a broad range of management and technical services to government and private agency throughout the country. With  our long history   of  

of success  couple with our  broad  range of skills, we posses the  unique  opportunity  of  helping  customers deal with today’s  challenge  and  prepared for  those of tomorrow.In every engagement we assume responsibilities of projects from start to finish. From making recommendations to programme implementation that produce real and measurable results. ADIKU GLOBAL LTD. employs mix of current engineers, management, and technologist to meet customer’s needs.

ADIKU GLOBAL LTD. has at various times executed and completed projects in the areas of civil electrical and mechanical engineering. These include designs and constructions of buildings, roads, drainage’s and sewage systems, water supply and construction of dams. Other projects, supply and installation of transformers, generators and other projects executed include structural project, rural/urban electrification projects, supply and installation of transformers, generators and other electrical machines and appliances. Adiku Global also design, fabricate and construct surface overhead tanks, boreholes and mechanical.

Through innovative management, consistent value creation and an enabling environment, we have evolved from a traditional downstream company to your integrated energy solutions provider. Today, we are Nigeria’s leading indigenous oil company with investments spanning the entire energy value chain. In our pioneering commitment to Nigeria, we will continue to deepen our diversified energy platform whilst simultaneously delivering unparalleled value well into the future.

Adiku Global ltd’s leadership position as Nigeria’s foremost integrated energy company is associated with our successes in the petroleum products marketing business. As the nation’s leading oil retailer, with one in every five litres of petroleum products being sold or distributed by Adiku Global ltd via its 500 retail outlets and strategically located terminals, we have continuously ensured products supply and availability in Nigeria and West Africa.

In our bid to improve the overall efficiency of the industry and to lower product cost for the consumer, we are poised to construct the largest products terminal in sub-Saharan Africa in Lekki free zone and an offshore sub-marine pipeline delivery system in Apapa. With human capabilities backed with world-class standards, Adiku Global ltd Marketing will continue to serve Nigeria as the leading retail oil marketing company for years to come.


Mr Mike Audu CEO/MD


ADIKU GLOBAL LTD. quality plan is aimed at establishing, maintaining and documenting a quality system (QS) as a means of ensuring that processes, product and services conform to specified quality management (QM) requirements. The scope entails details of the quality management processes to be instituted in the execution of contracts and key personnel responsible.

1.0    Quality Policy

ADIKU GLOBAL LTD all project embarked upon shall be executed with painstaking attention to details, specification and targets. Quality management shall ensure capability, efficiency, and reliability from every member of staff in carrying out his or her duties.

2.0    Quality System

ADIKU GLOBAL LTD Quality Management Implementation Processes Manual QMIP is very comprehensive precise and adaptive. It is aimed at eliminating oversight, minimizing breakdowns, cutting cost and delivery/project execution time.
The manual encompasses guidelines on:

  • Quality Plan
  • Quality System
  • Management Review
  • Contract Review
  • Quality Management Responsibility Authority
  • Quality Monitoring and Implementation
  • Quality Progress Check List
  • Document and Data Control
  • Process Control
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Handling, Storage and Delivery
  • Quality Records
  • Training
  • Services

3.0    Management Review

The company quality Assurance is formally reviewed by management of the company and necessary action is taken to ensure that it is suitable for the customers' requirements.


Felicity Ezewuike
( Company Secretary )


4.0    Contract Review

It is the policy of the company to ensure that on receipt of all inquiries and orders whether verbal or written, all are checked to confirm that the requirements are adequately defined and documented and that the company has suitable technical capability and finance resources to execute any based on the inquiry or order to satisfaction.


Quality management steering committee comprises:

5.1    Managing Director
Responsibility for initial review, monitoring, evaluation and approval of the quality system procedure (QSP). 

5.2    Project Manager/Quality Assurance Manager
The project Manager shall also be the Quality Assurance Manager on the project, who is responsible for the preparation, maintenance, supervisor and implementation of the Quality Manual/Quality Assurance (QSM/QA) procedures, quality plans and work instructions.

5.3    Quality Improvement Implementation Team
This team shall report to the Quality Assurance Manager and Comprises department heads, their relevant staff and the storekeeper. The function of this team is to initiate and monitor quality plan implementation in project activities.

Administered quality management activities in their departments to ensure adherence to corporate quality management procedures. This is achieved through continuous site tool box meetings, quality progress reporting and the implementation of a Quality Progress check list (QPC)

5.4    Quality Progress Check List

Meeting with Managing Director on quality improvement Ideas/issues

Major ( Rtd) Eng.Youdubagha Newline Sam

Hon Aburbaka S Usman
Financial Director
  • Quality improvement meeting held weekly
  • Quality improvement/monitoring meeting notes published
  • Communication to staff through tool box meetings
  • Quality implementation and tracking system

• Quality progress reporting
6.0    Control of Purchased and Services
It is the policy of the company to ensure that all materials and services it purchases or contract confirm to specified requirements. This is achieved by the use of approved suppliers committed to quality and who have demonstrated their ability to supply goods and services to required quality specifications and at specified time.

Purchased goods and services are subject to a planned and documented system of verification and acceptance by 'Source Document" and "Inspection Certificate" review process.

Requisition and Purchase departments shall have established procedures for evaluation and selection of suppliers during 'call for Tender" phase and "Tender Evaluation" phase.
Supplier evaluation procedures involve the following process.

  • Technical evaluation
  • Commercial evaluation
  • QA System evaluation

    4.      QA System audit
Methods used to accept supplied good and services include:

  • Source document inspection.
  • Point of receipt inspection
  • Supplier's Certificate conformance
  • Independence institution's certificate of conformance

7.0    Document and Data Control

Document are prepared, reviewed and approved according to a planned documented system. Documents are identified in a clear and unambiguous way. Distribution of documents is controlled; changes are subject to the same formal review and approval as the original document, changes and revisions are identified in the documents. Out-data documents are withdrawn from use.

Systems are established which ensure control of the preparation, review and approval of all documents which are essential to achieve satisfactory, quality of work. Such document comprises job instructions, procedures, drawings, product specifications, forms  technical standards, etc. all such documents and its revision status within the various departments, groups or individuals responsible for used or comments raised during the review shall be documented and field by the personnel responsible for the activity in question.

8.0    Design Control

The Company has established and maintained procedures that ensure that all design are planned, controlled, verified and validated in order to conform that specified equipments are fully met.

9.0    Customer Supplies Product

The company does not usually use customers supplied material, but in the occasions which this occurs, such materials are carefully verified through “source Document” and “Inspection Certification” process, to authenticate their quality.

10.0  Process Control
It is the policy of the company to ensure that the quality of the product and services, if a supply maintained by the processes stipulated in our Quality Plan Manual. This process is achieved by:

  • A quality oriented and experienced workforce
  • Document work instruct
  • Suitable installation facilities
  • Inspection and test during installations
  • Approved process and equipment
  • Defined standard of workmanship
  • Controlled maintenance plants and equipment to ensure capability and environment safety.

11.0  Inspection Measurement and Test Equipment
All equipment used for the inspection, measurement or testing of processes and product quality is maintained in a known state of calibration. The equipment used for these activities is of an accuracy, which ensures that the measurement taken is meaningful when related to the tolerance required. Calibration is carried out on systems to enable traceability to be established to national standard or natural physical constraints.

12.0  Corrective and Prevention Action
The quality system provides the means to identify where corrective and prevention action should be taken to eliminate the cause of non conformity to specifications. The company places great emphasis on corrective and preventive action as being the major benefit for both the company and its customers to be gained from effective control quality.

The company conducts formal review of all defects/data to determine the need for corrective and preventive actions and to confirm that the corrective actions taken are effective.

13.0  Handling, Storage and Deliver
It is the policy of the company to ensure that all items are protected through out the handling process in such a way as to ensure that the product quality is maintained. This is achieved by the instruction of personnel in suitable handling methods, the protection and security of valuable storage facilities and appropriate packing of products before delivery.

The scrapping and deposition of items are executed without harm to the local environment by disposal in approved dump sites

14.0  Control of Quality Records

During the work process, the system generates records of all the activities needed to discharge projects and services. These records include the details of inspections and test results, and are retained by the company in case evidence is required of the activities carried out

15.0   Progress Report

Under the direction of the Project Manager/Quality Assurance Manager, the Quality Improvement/Implementation teams comprising department heads and other staff shall provide weekly progress reports indicating compliance level of quality regarding goods and services. Non-compliance is noted and rectified according to stipulated guidelines.

16.0   Training

The company is dedicated to the training of its personnel in both production skill and control system. It considers the control of quality by the staff to be most effective way of controlling the quality of the services it provides. It believes that this requires a positive training programme, which builds on existing selection of employees for specific works.
Personnel training processes shall be re-emphasized on work site through "tool box" meetings held briefly every morning on departmental basis where quality policy and processes will be addressed.

17.0   Servicing

Service of the company products is an integral part of the company’s operations, planned and controlled in a manner, which ensures the customer’s requirements are totally met.

18.0   Audits

Identify, evaluate and identify deviation from process and policy. This shall be carried out on a daily basis.


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